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Going Through Life with Your Turn Signal On?

Almost everyone who has been driving very long has had this experience.  Someone on the road in front of you is driving along with their turn signal on.  For a few moments you prepare for him to slow down, because his turn must be coming up soon.  But it doesn’t take you long to realize that the man in front of you has no intention of turning.  He’s just left his turn signal on.

He’s sending out a message through his forgetfulness: I may be signalling one way, but that isn’t really where I’m going.

This is the way that more than a few Christians live their lives.

They signal that they are going to heaven, but after a short time, others can see the truth.

They signal that they are good, moral people, but those who look at them can see that’s not really the case.

They signal that they are living out Christ in their lives, but anyone who looks very long sees that their mind isn’t on Jesus.

I would wager to say that you see these turn-signal Christians frequently.  They are the ones who assemble with the saints, but who are not engaged in worshiping God.  They are the ones who text while in the pews.  They are the ones who pay little to no attention to the lessons.  Oh, but they are there!  They are signalling “I am a Christian” by showing up, but their actions don’t match up with it.

You may think I’m being unfair and harsh.  Please read on.

I fear that all of us become turn-signal Christians at one point or another–even if it is just for a short time.  By that, I mean that there are times when each one of us gets distracted from our goal, and we slack off in being what God wants us to be.  We stop living out Christ in our lives.  Just like the drivers who leave their turn-signals on, it is usually not intentional–but it happens nonetheless.

Keep that in mind when you see someone who needs to know that they are sending mixed signals.  They probably didn’t even realize it.

The Bible calls for us to constantly examine ourselves (II John 8 among others).  So, examine yourself.  Ask yourself honestly, “Am I a turn signal Christian?”

The great part is that if you find the answer is “yes,” then there is something you can do about it.  Go to God in prayer, admit your sin, and ask for forgiveness (Acts 18:22, I John 1:9).  And then live out your life in a way that matches your profession of Christianity.

Think about it.


3 thoughts on “Going Through Life with Your Turn Signal On?

  1. Interesting article. Some of the men in our small congregation take turns offering a short “invitation” on Wednesday nights after our Bible classes are over and before the singing of an invitation song and closing prayer. I’m seriously considering adapting part of your article into the invitation that I offer tomorrow night (with credit given, of course). Just wish my toes weren’t hurting so badly at the moment!

  2. Excellent point made. Seems like we all go through that turn signal condition at one point or another in our lives. The important thing of course is to repent of it and get back on course and focussed on God. Great reminder here for us.
    Especially like the inclusion of the scriptures for reference today..

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