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Second list of books for sale

Because of the response to the list of books I put up for sale last week, I’ve gone through my shelves and compiled another list.  This will (hopefully) be the last such posting.  I know you’d rather be reading interesting articles than a list of books.  But like my friend Adam Faughn has said, some things cost money.

If any of these interest you, please send me an email at Bradley.Cobb2@verizon.net

If you want a lot, let me know and we’ll try to work out a deal.


Biblical Studies in Light of Archaeology (Wayne Jackson) PB, 69 pages – $3.00

The Other Side of Evolution (Jon Gary Williams) PB – $.50



Studies in Amos (Kyle Yates) HB, 136 pages – $2.00

Gospel Advocate Teacher’s Annual Commentaries, 2004/2005 – PB, 255 pages – $3.00

Gospel Advocate Teacher’s Annual Commentaries, 1966 – HB, 335 pages – $4.00

Gospel Advocate Teacher’s Annual Commentaries, 1985/86 – PB, 294 pages – $3.00

David Lipscomb’s Commentary on John – HB, 338 pages – $7.00

David Lipscomb’s Commentaries on Paul’s Epistles (5 volumes, HB) – $40.00 for the set.



International Children’s Bible, New Testament (NCV with illustrations) PB – $1.00

NKJV softcover (good for pew Bible) – $1.50

New Living Translation, PB – $1.00

NRSV, PB – $1.00

1978 NIV, HB, with very minor highlighting and a few notes – $2.50

New International Reader’s Version, PB – $1.00

NRSV Children’s Bible, HB, some marking on front pages, text is clean – $2.00

NIV (1984 update) New Testament, PB – $1.00

Contemporary English Version N.T., PB – $1.00

New Century Version N.T., PB – $1.00

New Scofield Reference Edition (KJV), Red Bonded Leather with wear on the edges of cover – $3.00

Zondervan Topical Bible, HB/DJ – $7.00

Narrated Bible in Chronological Order (NIV) by F. LaGard Smith, HB/DJ – $8.00

New American Standard Bible (original edition) HB – $3.00

Maxwell Leadership Bible (NKJV) Green hardcover – $5.00


Books on Jesus

Jesus Through the Centuries: His Place in the History of Culture (Jaroslav Pelikan) PB, 270 pages (one loose) – $2.00

The Originality of Jesus Christ (James Bales) with “Christ, the Desire of All Nations or the Unconcious Prophecies of Heathendom?” (R.C. Trench) PB, 260 pages – $2.50

Jesus: The Master Respondent (James Bales) PB, 120 pages – $3.00

A Doctor at Calvary: The Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ as Described by a Surgeon (Pierre Barbet, MD) HB, 200 pages with photos – $4.00


Lectureship Books

1990 Bellview Lectures (Bobby Liddell, editor): What Does God Authorize in Worship?  HB, 308 pages – $7.00

Fellowship—From God or Man? 2007 CFTF Lectures, autographed by David Brown, editor – HB $6.00

3rd Spiritual Sword Lectures (Thomas Warren, Garland Elkins, editors): God Demands Doctrinal Preaching.  HB/DJ, 332 pages – $12.00

2002 “Speak as the Oracles of God” Lectures—Put to the Test: Examining and Defending the Faith. (Kyle Butt, Eric Lyons, Brad Harrub, Marion Fox, Tom Bright, Robert Taylor Jr, more)  PB – $6.00



Thrust Volume 2, Number 3 including the Wayne Jackson/Carroll debate on atheism and ethics – PB, 68 pages – $3.00

The Gospel Hour (V.E. Howard), collection of 4 sermons broadcast on the radio.  Three deal with miracles and healing.  The fourth is “The Misunderstood Christ.”  Date unknown, front pages taped together. – $2.00

The Little Missionary (1986) 24 pages – $1.00

Christian Appeal (edited by Gene Shelburne), 4 issues from 2010 – $1.00 for all.

Bulletin Digest, Sept 1984, 24 pages – $1.00



The Christian Home (Dale Lawson) PB, 113 pages—Underlining throughout–$1.50


 Workbooks/Teaching Books

Into Our Hands: A Study of Christian Stewardship (Jr. Teacher’s Manual) – $1.00

Systematic Study of Acts (Willard Conchin) PB – $.85

If You Are a Christian (Willard Conchin) PB – $.85

Some Lessons We Should Learn (Willard Conchin) PB – $.85

You Can Do It! (Willard Conchin) PB – $.85

Workbook on Christian Doctrine (George W. DeHoff) PB – $.85

Basic Bible Doctrines vol 1 (Robert Harkrider) PB – $1.00

Basic bible Doctrines vol 2 (Robert Harkrider) PB – $1.00 (seven available)

Basic Bible Doctrines vol 3 (Robert Harkrider) PB – $1.00

Survey of World Religions (Rod Rutherford) 8 ½ x 11, 119 pages – $3.00

Denominational Doctrines (Rod Rutherford) 8 ½ x 11, 73 pages – $3.00

The One True Church (Rod Rutherford) 8 ½ x 11, 72 pages – $3.00


The Catholic Church

A Short History of the Catholic Church (Jose Orlandis) PB 166 pages – $2.00

Truth and Tolerance: Christian Belief and World Religions (Pope Benedict XVI) PB, 284 pages – $2.00


Bible Lands

Bible Lands Illustrated (J.T. Marlin) HB, 182 pages AUTOGRAPHED in 1963 – $6.00


Other Books

More Holy Hilarity: Inspirational Wit and Cartoons (Cal and Rose Samra) PB, 209 pages – $2.00


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