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I’m Baa-aack

Yes, it’s been a couple months since I posted anything.  And if any of you check the blog on a regular basis, I apologize.  I thank you, but I still apologize for not getting anything new up.

I’ll try to do better.

Meanwhile, a lot of things have taken place.  Things which cause me a great deal of excitement!

1. I’ve published six books, and they are all available on Amazon in hardback and in Kindle format.  They are:

* The Prodigal Slave: A Study of the Letter to Philemon (revised and expanded from the one I mentioned a few months back).

*Alexander Campbell: A Collection (writings by and about Alexander Campbell).

* Abner Jones: A Collection (writings by and about Abner Jones).

* Sketches of Our Pioneers: a Brief Restoration Movement History (revised and expanded)

* The Oliphant-Smith Debate on the Existence of God, on Evolution, and on Morality (revised)

* Toils and Struggles of the Olden Times: The Autobiography of Elder Samuel Rogers (revised).

These all look very nice, and are high-quality paperbacks.


2. We’ve had three baptisms in the past month!

3. I’ve taken on several new writing projects–involving lots of research.  That may not sound fun to you, but I love the thrill of digging for undiscovered or forgotten information.

4. Michael Shank, author of Muscle and a Shovel will be speaking at our congregation next month.

Really, it’s an exciting time to be me.

And tomorrow, my commentary on Jude will be available.  Yee-Ha!


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