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Reading the Bible


Many times, preachers get into the habit of not reading their Bibles. 

What?  What do you mean?  I prepare sermons every week from the Bible!

Yes, I understand that.  I do the same thing.  However, this morning a realization hit me.  I’ve been studying specific passages of the Bible in preparation for a certain lesson; but I hadn’t just been reading the Bible.

Many times, preachers kinda know what they want to preach on, and find the text that teaches it, and then digs into that text.  They spend so much time doing that, that they trick themselves into thinking that they’ve done enough Bible reading for the week.  I know I’m not alone in this.  I’ve heard other preachers say the same thing.

This morning, I woke up around 2 in the morning (after going to sleep around 11:30), and was wide awake.  After a couple hours in vain of trying to go back to sleep, I got up with a flashlight and began reading Matthew.  So many things were there that I’d just plain forgotten about.  And literally dozens of sermon ideas and articles ideas hit me—and I was tempted to stop and write them down, but I wanted to keep reading.

Reading God’s word was freeing.  It was a great pleasure.  It was instructive.  It was corrective.  It was enlightening.

And I only got through Matthew 12.

It’s no wonder that one of my heroes, Harold Turner, made it a point to read through the New Testament once every month.

I can’t wait to do this again.


2 thoughts on “Reading the Bible

  1. Several times in my life I have read through the entire bible. It is surprising how little time it actually takes out of your day to read a few chapters. Also just as surprising is how quickly the days fly by. Before you know it you can be completely through the bible. Whether you are a minister or an aspiring bible student – just preparing or studying one sermon a week is not enough.

    When you consider how many chapters in the bible there are, and how porous our human minds are, I know I need to do more always.

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