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The Prodigal Slave

The Prodigal Slave: A Study in the Letter to Philemon
by Bradley Cobb

is now available for purchase in both hardcopy and eBook!

The Letter to Philemon is often overlooked, which is a shame.  You’d be amazed at the wonderful things that are found in this short letter.  For example:

  • An old gospel preacher, imprisoned because his message got some other religious folks upset.
  • A runaway slave who never wanted to be found, finally coming to the conclusion that he needed to go back.
  • A slave owner who was declared righteous before God.
  • An inspired guilt-trip.

Contents of this 130-page book:


  • Background of Philemon
  • Condition of Paul
  • Who is Philemon?
  • Who is Onesimus?
  • Slavery in the Roman Empire
  • Other interesting notes


  • How did Onesimus become a slave?
  • Where did Philemon live?
  • What is “the letter from Laodicea”?
  • Sermon: What are You Know For?
  • Sermon: Intercession in Philemon.
  • Sermon: the ABC’s of Conflict Resolution

“Are You Saved?”

The Prodigal Slave is available on Amazon.com.


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